10 Easy Tips On Attracting Recurring Clients

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Are you an engineer/producer having trouble staying booked?

My name is YL and I’m an audio engineer with over four years of experience.

I went to school for audio engineering at SAE Institute. I interned at Castle Hill studios under mentoring from Max Unrah (mastering engineer)  and the late Dan Cohen (rest in peace). In these short years, I have worked out of countless studios in Atlanta and have recorded/mixed over 60 artists including a few major artists. such as Gucci Mane, Poplord, Mykko Montana, and more.

This ebook is to inform you on how to turn engineering into a profession. I want to show you that it is possible to be a freelance/independent audio engineer and be successful. I will show you how to monetize your craft without a label or big-name clients.

This ebook is packed with 10 tips on how I increased my revenue and clientele

Here are 3 quick tips in this ebook to see what to expect:

  • Know your client-Find out more about your client; their past projects, their sound, their swag, etc.

  • Don’t doubt yourself-Understand the stage you are in your career, the important thing is to make progress.

  • Know your plug-ins/software-Clients look for people who can move effectively, efficiently, and with assurance.

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