420 Preset Pack


In the 420 Preset Pack you will receive 80 presets in the pack.

The Wiz Khalifa Inspired preset pack allows you to enjoy airy and psychedelic reverbs, smooth compressions, bright and present EQs, etc.

Get a session high with this preset pack.

Inside this pack includes 30 UAD presets, 30 Wave presets, and 20 Pro Tools stocked presets to take your mix to the next level.

Don’t waste time when it comes to your project

Purchase the 420 Preset Pack today, and refuse to sound ordinary

These are the list of plugins you’ll need for the 420 Preset Pack…

Pro Tools Stocked Plugins

D-Verb, EQ3 7-Band

Waves Plugins

L1 Limiter, NLS Bus, NLS Channel, PuigChild 670, Rcompressor, SSL E Channel, SSL EQ

UAD Plugins

UAD DreamVerb, UAD EP-34 Echo, UAD Helios 69, UAD Lexicon 224, UAD Neve 88RS L, UAD Precision Channel Strip, UAD Precision Delay Mod, UAD Pultec EQP, UAD Pulled Pro, UAD RealVerb-Pro, UAD SSL E Channel Strip, UAD Teletronix LA-2A, UAD UA 1176LN, UAD UA 1176SE


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