Slime Preset Pack

Original price was: $24.99.Current price is: $14.99.

In the Slime Preset Pack you will receive 60 presets in the pack.

The Young Thug Inspired preset pack is packed with unique in your face reverbs and delays, smooth dynamics and high pitched EQs.

You can not go wrong with this preset pack.

Inside this pack you will find 30 Wave presets and 30 Pro Tools stocked presets to take your mix to the next level.

You will also receive the Stocked Preset Pack which is a BONUS 30 Pro Tools stocked presets.

So what are you waiting on?

Purchase the Slime Preset Pack today, and refuse to sound ordinary…

These are the list of plugins you’ll need for the Slime Preset Pack…

Pro Tools Stocked Plugins

AIR Enhancer, bombfactory BF76, Channel Strip, D-Verb, Dyn 3.0, EQ3 7-Band, Maxim, Mod Delay II, & Mod Delay III

Waves Plugins

API 560, Hcomp, HDelay, HEQ, Manny M Verb, PuigChild 670, RVerb, SSL EQ, Super Tap 2, & TruVerb


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