Satin Jackets’ 5 Favourite Plugins For Producing Nu-Disco

Satin Jackets’ signature sound has made him a mainstay in lots of worlds. Whether or not it is his heat vocal takes, funk bass traces, grooving percussions, or distinctive reside units, his signature nu-disco sound has one thing for everybody to fall in love with. 

However reaching such a signature nu-disco sound is extra accessible stated than executed, and it will possibly usually appear to be magic how producers like Satin Jackets do what they do within the studio. 

So we determined to lock him down, choose his mind, and uncover exactly what plugins he is utilizing to make wonderful Nu-Disco songs. 

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Satin Jackets’ latest single is the North Star of what Nu-Disco producers ought to goal for of their productions. It is funky, clear, heat, and arresting. 

So earlier than Satin Jackets breaks down his favourite synths that went into the making of this monitor, give the one a couple of listens in order that your ears can studio the precise timbres and nuances within the monitor that these plugins enable you obtain. 

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