The 10 Best EQ VST Plugins for any Digital Audio Workstation

An Equalizer (EQ) is a tool, technique, and art used for shaping or curing sound. It can help eliminate or tame unwanted resonating frequencies or can help focus on the ones that you want. The EQ can clear up your mix by preventing different sounds from fighting over the same frequency region. When used in conjunction with compression, it will help you process the sound to your exact liking.

With every sound having its frequency, music producers usually use EQ plugins because of their ability to deal with audio frequencies. Some plugins can offer an incredible job than using preinstalled plugins in any DAW. Below, we discuss some of the best EQ plugins you can use to make your sound unique;


To start off our list is one of the best EQ plugins anyone would consider having today. When you have the Fabfilter Pro-Q3, all other plugins might be so useless to you. Pro-Q2 was already impressive, but the newest version, Pro-Q3, knocked it out by adding more dynamic bands.

Up to 24 bands in one instance, brick wall filters for very steep filter curves, mid or side processing per band, and many other features make this plugin the best currently on the market. With Pro-Q3, the plugin is more dynamic. Each band can work dynamically in any band type (pass, shelve, bell) based on the input signal level.


This EQ plugin will offer features like dynamic bands, various filters, and AI-supported mixing assistants. Suppose you choose to use the izotope Ozone 9. In that case, many will recommend adding the neutron 3 EQ because using both with help you make an even better sound. The various plugin instances of Neutron help recognize each other in the DAW project, making it possible to display how frequencies of any two tracks might overlap.


The Pultec Pro legacy plugin will offer you a combination of the Pultec MEQ-5 midrange equalizer together with the Pultec EQP-1A program equalizer. These are two of the most sought-after hardware EQs into a single plugin.

  • Audified RZ062A EQ

This EQ is straightforward that will offer you excellent audio saturation. This EQ might not work for everything, but you will notice the difference immediately, especially on the low end when it does. The EQ works perfectly on rock vocals and bass, with the RZ062A is the best for audio producers who want to add pleasant sounds to music quickly.

  • Waves Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain

The Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain will give you the whole sound from history to the present and the future. The plugin offers a wide range of features, flexible signal order, and excellent metering used in union with the TG meter bridge.

  • Waves C1 Compressor

Shaped and designed like any other standard compressor in your DAW, the C1 Compressor allows you to navigate your compressors in your DAW easily. The plugin usually comes with a user guide preinstalled which makes it very easy to navigate and use.

  • Waves API-560 Graphic EQ

The API-560 is a ten-band graphic equalizer modeled after the hardware version. It has been a favorite for many audio engineers for many decades. One of the most incredible things about this plugin is that the EQ section has been modeled separately from the analog character. You can choose to turn off the EQ section with just a single button while still having the analog modeling processing signal.

  • Slate infinity EQ

The Slate Infinity EQ offers you the ability to add as many bands as you want, and you can tailor them to be precisely what you need. This feature will allow exploring all the sounds you may envision by tuning every part of it to the desired frequency.

  • Voxengo Prime EQ

This plugin will offer you a digital all-rounder experience. The Voxengo Prime EQ Its well-designed look is very robust and easy to navigate for any audio engineer.

  • UAD Neve 1073

The UAD Neve 1073 is an accurate replica of the classic preamp and equalizer of 1073. It is incredibly smooth and musical, with sounds that scream Neve.

With just the best EQ plugins mentioned above, you might as well find so many other plugins on the market today that could be as useful as these above. Choosing a suitable EQ plugin can be exciting and might make you feel like you are fighting your way through a jungle. 

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