Why the Mic-In and Line-In on a Channel Strip is Necessary

Suppose you have been wondering what Mic-in and Line-in mean on a mixer or any other audio equipment. In that case, this article will perhaps help you understand the difference. To start off, Wired and wireless microphones are usually connected to the Mic levels input, but for most other audio devices like most instruments, the Line levels inputs are used. Suppose you connect a microphone to line-level input. In that case, the sound will hardly be heard because the microphone level for the line-level input is too low. On the other hand, connecting a line-level source to the mic-level input, the sound is reproduced too loud or even distorted because the line-level signal is above the permissible value of the mic-level input. Various types of devices are used for amplification of the microphone signal to the line level. Probably known by so many is the Mixer. The Mixer merges several input signals into a single output. However, preamplifiers and mic/line amplifiers do the same task just as well and are available in versions with one or more channels. Like the microphone signal, instrument signal, e.g., an electric guitar, must be amplified and raised to the line-level too.

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