The Top 10 Powerful Compression VST Plugins to Mix

The two most essential processors that most audio engineers use when mixing music are EQs and Compressors. Compressors are used to even out the volume levels of any audio track. When you think of how an artist performs a song, sometimes he may sing out loud or even soft. If all these sounds are mixed with other instruments in a blend, it cannot be easy to hear the loud sounds and soft sounds equally. In such situations, audio engineers use compressors to make a masterpiece that will eventually sound pleasing to the listener.

In this article, I’ll give ten of the best compressor plugins that might be helpful for a professional audio mixing session;

  • Waves CLA 76

This is one of the best audio compressors that can easily be used as a stand-alone compressor or in combination with another one. It delivers a great sound that gives you an awesomely wide sweet spot. The outstanding critical feature in the waves CLA 76 is that you have a less saturated black face and a blue face that gives you a more aggressive compression all in one plugin.

  • Arturia TUBE-STA

This is one of the famous tube compressors that make your audio sound fantastic in all situations. The TUBE-STA is made up with a great look and sound that will remind you of the iconic STA-level hardware unit from 1956. This compressor plugin will help you squeeze your signal without causing any unpleasant artifacts.

  • Arturia FET-76

In terms of excellent plugins, this plugin has a unique interface that you might enjoy using. Comprising of so many different features, the Arturia FET-76 has an integrated additional button for the famous “all-button mode,” which switches on all ratios simultaneously and enables a smashy compression.

  • Analog Obsession FETISH 

After receiving a recent update (version 5.0), the Analog Obsession FETISH gives you the ability to respond to any unwanted peaks in your sound. Its input knob can act as a peak reduction to help you compress any sound without having to worry about any unwanted gain adding to the sound.

  • Softube Drawmer 1973 Multi-Band Compressor

This multi-band compressor is a killer plugin. It is a super versatile compressor and very musical, just like its hardware version. The Drawmer 1973 offers you so much control during your mixing sessions because of its multi-band feature.

  • AdHd Leveling Tool

This handy Compressor provides you with optical compression in the style of the LA-2A during your sessions without ruining the sound. With additional features of attack, release, and threshold, the AdHd Leveling Tool is not an exact clone but a helpful tool to create an inspiring sound.

  • Boz Digital +10db Compressor

Made by Boz digital labs, this +10db Compressor was a secret weapon for drums for rock music for a long time. Not just limited to drum, it is also a weapon on vocals that are greedy and need that over-compressed sound in general. This is a plugin you should try out.

  • Alliance Lindell 7X-500

This plugin is just an excellent digital replica of the popular Lindell 7X-500 series module. This handy FET compressor consists of all the snappy attack and analog warmth of the hardware. the 7X-500 sounds perfect in all situations that might require 1176.

  • UAD 1176 Collection

The UAD 1176 classic plugin collection offers three different 1176 revisions representing over 40 years of design iterations of the original 1176. This plugin is widely used and loved because it is one of the best in the business.

  • Waves R-Comp

The R-Comp is also a FET compressor and relation plugin. This plugin consists of two modes; the Opto and the electro that are very important. This was the main reason why the plugin was hailed when it came out.

With so many other plugin compressors out there today, it is great to have a starting point on identifying a suitable one. With this post, I hope you have a brief overview.

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